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Ghee is a golden, aromatic, and richly flavored form of butter that adds a luscious depth of flavor to any dish it is added to.


Welcome to The Sarth, your destination for indulging in the purest form of luxury with our organic A2 cow and buffalo ghee. Our ghee is sourced from indigenous cows and buffaloes that graze freely on lush green pastures and are fed a natural diet without any harmful chemicals or preservatives. The result is a luxurious golden ghee that exudes richness and indulgence.

Our ghee is not just pure and natural but also has a range of health benefits that make it the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle. The healthy and hygienic method preserves the nutritional value of this timeless goodness from ancient times, imparting the most pleasant aroma and taste to anything that adorns it. Sarth Organic Ghee is the perfect blend of nutrition and flavor.

We use the traditional "Bilona" method to prepare our ghee, which involves churning curd made from cow's milk to obtain butter, which is then heated and simmered to produce ghee. This process results in a rich and flavorful ghee that is perfect for cooking, baking, and adding an extra dose of nutrition and flavor to any meal.

Sarth Organic Cow and Buffalo Ghee is completely refined by fire, leaving behind pure golden fat that is one of the most beneficial fats for the body because it does not contain trans fats. It's perfect for any kitchen and a real find for anyone who loves to indulge in their culinary cravings guilt-free.

Order now and experience the authentic taste and health benefits of our premium quality ghee. Thank you for choosing The Sarth, your partner in luxury and healthy living.

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